Get a career that you love and a tribe that loves you back: The Courageous Living Coach Certification is a holistic life coach training program for women who want to learn, to laugh, to meet their tribe, and to create a life coaching career that they can flat-out fall in love with.


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A holistic methodology

You’ll learn how to truly connect with clients, help them with fear, and work with emotions. We teach you to go deep, understanding how to really meet clients where they’re at. That starts with you, working on you and learning experientially.

Marketing training

We include Coaching Blueprint ® marketing training, offering both a basic and advanced training to meet varying levels of experience. Even after training is over, we offer follow-up marketing calls for continued support.

Apply your skills

You’ll immediately start practicing what you learn, immersing yourself in developing your own style of coaching. Books are included in the tuition. We support you in taking on paying clients, while you complete your training.

A tribe you love

You’ll exit our program with connection —personal and professional. As you move forward with marketing and developing your coaching career, you’ll have other people to rely on.

Retreat with us

Our training kicks off with an in-person retreat in California wine country. We want to get to know who you BE, connect with our group, and start forming the bonds of tribe that can last a lifetime.

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The CLCC is created by Kate Courageous

My name is Kate Swoboda (sometimes known around the internet as “Kate Courageous.”) I’m so proud to be preparing for 2016, which will be the THIRD year of the Courageous Living Coach Certification, a holistic life coaching training program for coaches-to-be who want to create a life coaching career that they are flat-out in love with.

The first CLCC group launched in 2014, with the idea that the current coaching paradigm is too narrow: training programs often teach a solely cognitive-behavioral skill-set focused around goal-setting and achievement of those goals, and furthermore, they do little to prepare coaches for what it’s really like to work for yourself.

I wanted to create something different. I spent 2013 researching the industry, certification standards, and developing the CLCC curriculum. Today, the CLCC combines a person-centered approach to coaching with many other modalities. We don’t teach “factory coaching” with one way that you “have to” do it. We want you to learn a coaching skill-set and then expand outward, to include your own stylistic elements as a coach.

I’ve been a coach for nearly a decade, working with clients from around the world and expanding my practice beyond one-on-one coaching. The success of my practice is grounded in one thing: my approach. Cookie-cutter just doesn’t cut it. Let’s be part of a tribe of coaches committed to creating a more courageous world.

The “official” bio:
Kate Swoboda (a.k.a. “Kate Courageous”) is the author of the Courageous Living Program and The Coaching Blueprint, founder of the Courageous Living Coach Certification, and creator of, where she’s helped thousands of people to access their courage and go from “I can’t,” to “Amazing!”

Kate was deemed one of the top 50 bloggers making a difference in fitness, health, and happiness by Greatist. Her work has been featured in Entrepreneur, The Intelligent Optimist, The Daily Love, ProBlogger, MindBodyGreen, Lifetime Moms,en*theos and at the World Domination Summit. She was tapped by Danielle LaPorte’s team to roll out the first Desire Map workshops and to create facilitation videos for licensees.

She’s passionate about helping those who desire to become life coaches learn how to hone their craft, in service to their clients, doing healing work, and building a career that feels like being all of yourself, in every aspect of your life.


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